Oh, man! This year’s Phenix Family Reunion was a hit! I was so moved by the energy and the passion that everyone brought to the table from the staff to the educators, the executive team, managing partners, the salon professionals and all the family and friends who have shown us such tremendous support.2015-06-01 22.31.42
I left the Family Reunion so inspired and it always brings me back to why Jason and I are doing what we do. We feel so blessed to have met such wonderful people who believed in us and our company and the Phenix culture.
It was such a big year for me. We launched our very first Hair Collection book “Reflections,” and I am so proud of my International Artistic Team that worked so hard to create this portfolio of styles: International Artistic Director John Aultman, International Artists Timka Tremouille and J. Paul Hainsfurth, our International Artist Stacey Khuu, who was our make-up artist on the team. These people put everything they had into this book and it shows. Their passion, their knowledge and their dedication were immeasurable.
I also was so excited about giving promotions to those salon professionals for their hard work and dedication to the Phenix Education program. Promoted were Kendra Eggleton, Kim Berry and Shaunece Wells who are now  Phenix National Artists, Chelsea Adair, Dana Powell and Richie Roman who are also now Phenix National Artists. Named Phenix Ambassadors are Kellie Shwager, Nicky Plucinski and Rebecca Proctor, all well on their way to being great Phenix educators! And lets not forget all the New Ambassadors who attended training. They are going to be such an asset to the Phenix Education team.
It was also very exciting to kick off my ‘’Colour Your Life“ program. I felt so Blessed to be able to share my journey with everyone. I can’t wait to take it on the road!
So, for now, “So long until next year!” You won’t want to miss the great event we’re already planning for Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Come prepared to be motivated, educated and inspired! I can’t wait to see you all again next year!