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Jurgen Paul “JP” Hainsfurth is on a mission. He is determined to bring back the lost art of a shave with a hot towel.
“Over the years, it just disappeared,” he said. On his quest, the master barber of Orlando, FL, has this on his side: it usually takes just one such shave and most any gentleman is hooked.
Example: JP recently stepped into a neighboring Phenix suite of a stylist friend. The female client in her chair asked JP whether he’d cut her husband’s “crazy long hair and shaggy beard.” In minutes, he was sitting in JP’s chair.
Like lots of men, this one had only ever been to a ‘stylist.’ JP listened to complaints about cowlicks,

Jurgen Paul “JP” Hainsfurth working  on 2015 Phenix Hair Collection.

Jurgen Paul “JP” Hainsfurth working on 2015 Phenix Hair Collection.

then did his magic and had another customer for life.
“It was the first time he’d tried a barber,” said JP. “Lucky it was me. He had a good experience.”
JP was getting pizza one evening in a mall near his home and happened upon a new Phenix location. He peered through the window, did some research on the web that night, called the next day … hooked like a guy getting his first hot-towel shave.
He says it was “the best step and the first step toward becoming an entrepreneur.” Eighty out of 140 clients followed JP. He was off and running.
Last fall his career took a big leap forward when he joined the Phenix International Artistic Team under Phenix President and Founder Gina Rivera and International Art Director Robert Edick. Working on the 2015 Hair Collection, JP flipped out his razor and touched it lightly to a model’s jaw, perfecting the sideburns for a Prohibition-era look with contemporary, edgy carvings. “It’s about creating precision,” he said. It’s also about relationships. “We need to have a conversation, a connection … It’s not all about the money,” he said. “I like coming in and giving positive energy. They know that I give my best every time.” Find him on Facebook at High Definition Barber Studio.