So Proud of What We’ve Done, So Excited About the Future, by Gina Rivera, Phenix Founder, President and Beauty Expert

Oh, man! This year’s Phenix Family Reunion was a hit! I was so moved by the energy and the passion that everyone brought to the table from the staff to the educators, the executive team, managing partners, the salon professionals and all the family and friends who have shown us such tremendous support.2015-06-01 22.31.42
I left the Family Reunion so inspired and it always brings me back to why Jason and I are doing what we do. We feel so blessed to have met such wonderful people who believed in us and our company and the Phenix culture.
It was such a big year for me. We launched our very first Hair Collection book “Reflections,” and I am so proud of my International Artistic Team that worked so hard to create this portfolio of styles: International Artistic Director John Aultman, International Artists Timka Tremouille and J. Paul Hainsfurth, our International Artist Stacey Khuu, who was our make-up artist on the team. These people put everything they had into this book and it shows. Their passion, their knowledge and their dedication were immeasurable. Continue reading


Phenix Salon Suites, Modern Salon Team to Provide Critical Information to Phenix Professionals

Phenix Salon Suites, the leading salon suite company in liberating salon professionals to pursue their dreams is working with Modern Salon Media, the industry’s leading media resource, to provide Phenix stylists with cutting-edge info to ensure their greatest success.

Modern Salon Publisher Steve Reiss

Modern Salon Publisher Steve Reiss

“Everyone looks to Modern Salon for the latest in the industry as well as trend, creative, business and technical education,” said Phenix President, Founder and Beauty Expert Gina Rivera. “Phenix Salon stylists and other professionals are on the cutting edge of the industry. They are self-employed, creative and ambitious. They need the latest, greatest information that Modern Salon provides.”

Phenix Salon professionals will be able to receive free, targeted information from three communities under the Modern Salon umbrella: Modern Salon for stylists; Salon Today for salon owners and First Chair tailored specifically for new stylists.  Additionally, Gina Rivera will utilize her extensive industry expertise to personally select specific articles from the Modern Salon library that will be of greatest value to Phenix Salon Professionals.

Gina Rivera, Phenix Founder, President and Beauty Expert

Gina Rivera, Phenix Founder, President and Beauty Expert

“Modern Salon’s mission is to support stylists and the overall salon industry” said Modern Salon Publisher Steve Reiss.  “We appreciate the special opportunity to provide Phenix’s growing community of stylists with the inspiration, education and community that will help them achieve their greatest success.”

Phenix Salon Suites has grown to more than 120 franchise locations across the country in just a few years. “We are successful because we put the salon professional first,” said Rivera. “Phenix Salons provides so much more than salon suites. We provide free technique classes in the salons where these self-employed professionals work. We provide opportunities for stylists to join paid education teams. We hold an annual convention and offer a line of high quality hair and skin care products that stylists can chose to use and sell.

”This partnership with Modern Salon is one more way that we can provide great quality to our dedicated salon professionals and support their endeavors for success, Rivera said.

Phenix and Industry Associations Partner to Provide More for Salon Professionals

Phenix Salon Suites has teamed up with the nation’s top beauty and wellness professional associations to offer stylists, nail artists and other salon professionals a premium menu of services and insurance at exclusive discounts designed to make their lives easier and their businesses more secure and profitable than ever.

“This partnership is a natural,” said Phenix Founder, President and Beauty Expert Gina Rivera. “Phenix puts the salon professionals first, and that’Associated Hair Care Professionalss what these organizations do as well.”

Partnering with the Associated Hair Professionals (AHP), Associated Nail Professionals (ANP), Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) and Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) will provide Phenix professionals with lots of essential business tools in addition to comprehensive liability insurance, competitively priced at a great value for Phenix Salon professionals.

The AHP, ANP, ASCP and ABMP provide a full suite of business and educational tools to assist in business management and career success. “We are delighted to welcome the Phenix Family to our organization,” said Lauren Snow, director of membership for the ASCP “We appreciate their desire to help their family of professionals experience profitable, fulfilling careers. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Phenix.”Associated Nail Professionals

That partnership will give Phenix Salon Suite professionals access to invaluable business building tools including: a free business website and email address, marketing tool kits, branding kits as well as an online portfolio. In addition, professionals will receive a subscription to their industry trade publication, a host of on-demand classes, terrific values on products and services, and comprehensive liability insurance. There are also monthly webinars available to members. Rivera is scheduled to be a featured expert this year at two of the upcoming webinars.ASCPlogoColor (2015_05_16 03_31_27 UTC)

“As salon professionals, we tend to be more creative and artistic than business minded,” said Rivera, who leads a company twice named to Entrepreneur’s Top 500 Franchise List but still styles hair two or three days a week. “Phenix makes it easier to be in our industry because we remove so much of the hassle from owning a business. These professional associations do that, too. They make it so much easier by providing these business products, packaged and ready to go.”

Associated Body Massage ProfessionalsRivera was featured on one the most highly-rated episodes ever of the hit CBS reality series, “Undercover Boss.” Thanks to that show, the world witnessed the lives of unsung heroes among these hard working salon professionals.

Phenix Salon Suites has grown to more than 120 franchise locations across the country in just a few years. The AHP/ABMP/ASCP/ANP are looking forward to introducing its members to the benefits of salon suites and bringing Rivera on board to provide education for their members, detailing her experiences and sharing her knowledge in easy-to-access webinars, said Snow.

Learn more about:

Associated Hair Professionals (AHP) at

Associated Nail Professionals (ANP) at

Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) at

Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) at

Change Builds Confidence, Creates Fun and Adventure, Once We Take the Leap, by Gina Rivera, Phenix Founder, President and Hair Expert

Change can be wonderful once we take the plunge. It’s not so scary after all! I think it causes us to lose our fear quickly and pushes us forward into something new and gets us out of our box, but we have to make the move, right?
Last week I talked about looking honestly at the man in the mirror as the first step toward positive change. “Man in the Mirror” is the theme of our upcoming Phenix Family Reunion, June 1 – 3, at the Paris Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Gina Rivera, Phenix Founder, President and Hair Expert

Gina Rivera, Phenix Founder, President and Hair Expert

We see mirrors all the time and we should pause occasionally and peer deeply. That’s not as easy as it might sound. We may want to see something that isn’t there, or we find something we don’t like … we find something we want to change, and that is the first step.
What we do with that self-reflection, though, is just as important, if not more so, than the self-reflection itself. We’ve got to make the change happen. It may take some bravery, and I repeat myself in saying that I think we grow when we push out of our box. Often, then, we won’t be so scared to maybe try new  things in the future. Change can be so fun and adventurous, and it can give us more nerve to try new things. It can build our confidence.
As Phenix stylists, we’ve already made a big change. Lots of us decided to be self-employed: owning, operating, decorating our private suites, setting our own hours, keeping more of what we earn.
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The First Step Toward Lasting Change Is to Look Honestly at ‘The Man in the Mirror,’ by Gina Rivera, Phenix Founder And Hair Expert

All of us at some point in the day, if not every five minutes, looks in a mirror … What do we see?
What we see is our reflection, ourselves. And what we see is pretty much an indication of what we may be feeling at that moment in time and, sometimes we just look at ourselves and say, “it’s time to make a change!”
That change might be in our careers, our attitudes or a physical change, or setting new goals. I think that our mission should be to identify that change and then to go for it, to make those changes, whatever needs to happen that makes you love that man in the mirror.

Phenix Founder President and Hair Expert, Gina Rivera.

Phenix Founder President and Hair Expert, Gina Rivera.

Michael Jackson produced one of his many great hits, “Man in the Mirror,” about just this idea, and he is one of many artists to include the instructive power of the mirror in their work. Of course, the vast majority of time, we pass mirrors with little notice. I am suggesting that we take the time, at least once a day, to look deeply. Be strong, be critical and understanding, even compassionate, then seek the change.
compassionate, be patientwe hardly notice I’m proud of what we’ve done at Phenix Salon Suites but this made me want to do more, to create an even better work environment. Their lives, their strength and bravery caused me to look deep inside and now I am going to work harder than ever to provide a better environment and more opportunities for all our salon professionals. I will also take what I learned to our franchise partners to further strengthen the brand and this way of life that gives our brand meaning and significance.
With that said, I am not a ‘boss.’ One of the great things we’ve done at Phenix is to make the salon professionals their own bosses. We all are bosses and leaders of our own lives and our own businesses. And, in a very real sense, I work for you, the salon professionals. Your success is my success.
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Meet Your Team: Kim Berry, Stylist to the Stars, Phenix National Artistic Director


Kim Berry had just done Prince’s hair at this salon in Rome when he shot photos of the paparazzi shooting photos of him.

Kim Berry is the personal hair stylist to Prince and other mega stars, but she was ambivalent at best about following a career in hair when she signed on the dotted line for a beauty school in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles 25 years ago.
What was the real reason she was in classes to become a stylist? Her mom had given her an ultimatum: go to school, go to work, but “you can’t lounge around the house.”
Well, fortune had bigger plans for Berry. After telling her beauty school instructors for nearly a year that she was only in class because her mom insisted, she won first place out of 200 students from throughout California in a two-day hair styling competition. She went with a pixie at a time when “no one was wearing short hair,” long glamorous gloves, big gems and locks colored like the fur of a cheetah. That victory convinced her that, perhaps, there was more to her ‘chosen’ path than she’d imagined. You can meet Berry and hear all the details at the Phenix Family Reunion, June 1-3, at the Paris Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.
Register at
Berry went on to work for her stylist sister in-law, then built her own clientele in a commission salon before renting her first booth. Then came what she now calls the “holy hookup.” She was friends with a bodyguard for Prince. Through him, she became friends with Prince’s stylist. Whenever the entourage arrived in L.A., they’d call Berry to join the party.
More than a great time to party, this was a place to learn. “I started studying her table. Whatever was on it, I read it, I started buying what she had,” said Berry. After all, this was the personal hairstylist to one of the greatest performers of the generation.  Then, Prince’s stylist left. “I’d studied everything she had, I duplicated it, so when she left, I was ready. My kit was already built.”
Berry recalled walking into a club after Prince returned to L.A., having just learned that he needed a new stylist. “I was waiting for him. I met him at the club, put the portfolio on the table.”
Not long after that, she got a call. “Can you travel? … the plane leaves in an hour. We’re sending a car to pick you up.” All the way to LAX, she was screaming with excitement. She was in Minneapolis for Christmas, Miami, then New York, Atlanta and back to Los Angeles.
That was about the time that Prince did “Purple Rain.” Said Berry, “I ended up travelling the world with the  artist for 25 years … he became my brother and my friend.” One thing leads to another and Berry has in that time done hair for other stars. She recently added Singer Joy Villa to the cast of her salon. Villa made a big splash at the Grammys with her orange plastic fence dress. Berry did Villa’s hair for the red carpet appearance and follow-up interview.
Where did it all begin? Maybe at that beauty school in the Crenshaw District but Berry recalled a lesson echoed by her father: “success is when preparedness meets opportunity.” That and the ultimatum from her mom that pushed her out the door and on to success.

Getting that Sweet Suite into a Smaller Space, by Dan Paterno, Workshop Daniel Salon, Chicago

I’ve been a stylist for over 25 years and have worked at high-level salons for most of my career. When I made the move to Phenix, I didn’t want to sacrifice that feeling of quality, luxury and sophistication that my clients were accustomed to because of limited space. So I got creative — with the decor AND storage — while adhering to a few guiding principles. Here’s the go-to list I kept in mind during every decision of my buildout.


Dan Paterno

Sight Lines
Pay special attention to the first thing your clients see when they come in your space. It should be attractive and professional. You don’t want them focusing on half-squeezed tubes of color, your broom, or hamper the minute they step in. Upon entering my suite, I have a few wall shelves of random station products, but was able to position votives in front to conceal them.
Feature Wall or Area
Create one area where you can showcase your logo or branding. It will feel more professional. Also, try to create an area or experience that is a “moment” — something out of the ordinary. I’ve mirrored one whole wall and placed a beveled wall mirror on top of that in front of my styling chair. For the investment, it really doubles the space and adds a feeling of luxury and elegance.
Phenix is great at providing us fluorescent task lighting, but you should also think about light sources that could add ambiance and interest — maybe like adding track lighting to focus on your feature wall or product shelves. Also think about incorporating accent lighting under cabinets, flameless votive candles or some type of desk or floor lamp to create a warm atmosphere. These three types of lighting are what professional interior designers use to make a room pop.
Think about adding visual interest to your walls with wallpaper or other finishes. Surprisingly, keeping all the walls the same color does not make the space feel larger, it makes it feel boring and boxey. I stacked wood laminate flooring on a part of my wall for a modern feel and used two coordinating colors for the rest of the walls to create a feeling of “zones.”
Client Storage
Dedicated space for all client service items. Keeping client specific items separate from yours is a thoughtful way to make them feel special. I have a wall cabinet in reach that houses all my client cups, glasses, coffee and beverage items. This cabinet, plus my fridge, makes clients feel like they have a hotel mini bar all to themselves.
Stylist Storage for Color, Shampoo etc.
My professional color products and accompanying items are stored away while my shampoos and stacks of nicely folded towels are at the ready, defining my shampoo area. I also have a bathroom type cabinet near my bowl to conceal random shampoo items that are small or don’t coordinate with my look.
Back Storage
Look up to find space above cabinets or other shelves where you can hide items that are back supply like service items or color products. I use bins to keep the visual clutter to a minimum and repeating the same bin on a single shelf keeps things looking designed and organized. This might work well on the wall above your door too, since it’s not the first thing clients see. I also back stock retail this way so I can keep the perfect number of retail items on my shelves, and I’m sure to not run out of developer or back bar either. Look on the sides of, and underneath things too. Maybe you could fit a drawer or narrow shelf unit between cabinets.
I hope you find these tips useful. I know our clients are coming to see us and enjoy their one on one, but wouldn’t it be nice to make your suite environment part of that wonderful experience, too?
(c)2015 Dan Paterno,

Life After ‘Undercover Boss’ … What Now? Phenix will be Better for It, by Gina Rivera, Phenix Founder And Hair Expert


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Phenix Founder President and Hair Expert, Gina Rivera.

Phenix Founder President and Hair Expert, Gina Rivera.

I had no idea what I was walking into. I’d seen “Undercover Boss” on CBS numerous times. I thought I understood, but I didn’t. I walked away from that experience having been humbled, inspired and blessed. It made me want to be a better leader. It made me take a deep look inside myself.
I’m proud of what we’ve done at Phenix Salon Suites but this made me want to do more, to create an even better work environment. Their lives, their strength and bravery caused me to look deep inside and now I am going to work harder than ever to provide a better environment and more opportunities for all our salon professionals. I will also take what I learned to our franchise partners to further strengthen the brand and this way of life that gives our brand meaning and significance.
With that said, I am not a ‘boss.’ One of the great things we’ve done at Phenix is to make the salon professionals their own bosses. We all are bosses and leaders of our own lives and our own businesses. And, in a very real sense, I work for you, the salon professionals. Your success is my success.
So, don’t suppose that it all ends here. Another thing I learned from this experience is that I must repeatedly go into our salons and ask our professionals for their concerns and suggestions. I pride myself on communication with our salon professionals and this was a wake-up call. I am very proud of what we’ve done, but I can and will do better. The one-on-one interaction was invaluable and I’m committed to doing more of that.
We’re in one of the greatest businesses in the world. There is nothing more rewarding than making people look great and feel great about themselves, and when they walk away feeling like a million bucks, they carry that good vibe throughout their lives.

Meet Your Team: High Definition Barber, JP Hainsfurth, Phenix International Artistic Team


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Jurgen Paul “JP” Hainsfurth is on a mission. He is determined to bring back the lost art of a shave with a hot towel.
“Over the years, it just disappeared,” he said. On his quest, the master barber of Orlando, FL, has this on his side: it usually takes just one such shave and most any gentleman is hooked.
Example: JP recently stepped into a neighboring Phenix suite of a stylist friend. The female client in her chair asked JP whether he’d cut her husband’s “crazy long hair and shaggy beard.” In minutes, he was sitting in JP’s chair.
Like lots of men, this one had only ever been to a ‘stylist.’ JP listened to complaints about cowlicks,

Jurgen Paul “JP” Hainsfurth working  on 2015 Phenix Hair Collection.

Jurgen Paul “JP” Hainsfurth working on 2015 Phenix Hair Collection.

then did his magic and had another customer for life.
“It was the first time he’d tried a barber,” said JP. “Lucky it was me. He had a good experience.”
JP was getting pizza one evening in a mall near his home and happened upon a new Phenix location. He peered through the window, did some research on the web that night, called the next day … hooked like a guy getting his first hot-towel shave.
He says it was “the best step and the first step toward becoming an entrepreneur.” Eighty out of 140 clients followed JP. He was off and running.
Last fall his career took a big leap forward when he joined the Phenix International Artistic Team under Phenix President and Founder Gina Rivera and International Art Director Robert Edick. Working on the 2015 Hair Collection, JP flipped out his razor and touched it lightly to a model’s jaw, perfecting the sideburns for a Prohibition-era look with contemporary, edgy carvings. “It’s about creating precision,” he said. It’s also about relationships. “We need to have a conversation, a connection … It’s not all about the money,” he said. “I like coming in and giving positive energy. They know that I give my best every time.” Find him on Facebook at High Definition Barber Studio.

Seal Beach Phenix Stylist Named to OC Hotlist


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IMG_2070For the fifth year in a row, Maria Armenteros, a stylist at the Seal Beach Phenix Salon Suites in Orange County, CA, has been named to the prestigious OC Hotlist. “It warms my heart to know I can make my client’s look and feel amazing,” she said. “I have been a stylist for over 30 years … Loving what I do means keeping up on the latest trends and always furthering my education. The beauty of this industry is that you are constantly evolving and honing your skills.” For more on Armenteros, go to and